{TIKTOK-Banned-India} Tik Tok case in Supreme Court in Hindi


TikTok Banned News in India: Recent war title YouTube vs Tiktok made thousands of people aware of how useless TikTok is. Ratings were made to 1.2 out of 5 on the google play store. With the motive to take down TikTok a plethora of users have reported the app.

Tik Tok Banned News in India By Supreme Court?

Counters to each other by the creators of bot the platforms made to rise cyberbullying on social media platforms. With the youtube creator “carryminati’s” video which went viral and made users/fans aware of the aggression.

Which leads people to disrate and comment on bad features and cons of the TikTok app. Google play store ratings of both TikTok and TikTok lite have massively crossed down. Millions of reports were made by netizens to take the app down from India.

Legal issues are been rising up on these platforms. If the rating of TikTok decreases then does it will affect the company value in terms of money.

What did tiktok owner said about its rating?

Zhang comes from middle-class family background and studies in general public schools. He also worked at Microsoft but was released after some time. Zhang always wanted to do something different and groundbreaking.

tiktok removed from play store
tiktok removed from play store

His idea of ​​Tiktok rocked the world and became one of the most downloaded apps in the history of the tech world. Zhang Yiming has become one of the wealthiest people in China due to his video-sharing social networking app TikTok. TikTok has its parent company called BiteDance. Zhang Yiming is the owner of BiteDance.

TikTok Gets Down After Getting 1Star Rating

If TikTok gets a 1-star rating on the google play store then the official developer of the app will be noticed with a message from the Google Play Console team. Saying that their app is been infringing Google’s Developer policies under hateful speech or misguided content.

A time limit of 10-15 days will be given to the moderators or developers to resolve the issue. But the app will not be legally deleted nor removed permanently from google play store.

Is TikTok removed from play store?

Is Tik Tok available on playstore?

Why Tik Tok is not working today?

Why TikTok is not installing?


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