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Vikings Theory: Which Norse God Each Main Character Represents



Vikings has many parts associated to Norse mythology, with some characters believed to both be descended from them or be gods in disguise. When taking a more in-depth take a look at the primary characters of the collection, they certainly have some traits in widespread with a few Norse gods – and right here’s which one every character represents. Created by Michael Hirst (The Tudors), Vikings debuted on Historical past Channel in 2013, and although it was initially deliberate as a miniseries, it was shortly renewed for a second season.

Since then, Vikings has constructed its personal fan base that has caught round for years and thru many deaths and heartbreaking moments, and the collection is now in its sixth and last season. Vikings initially adopted legendary Norse determine Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his travels alongside his Vikings brothers. Because the collection progressed and Ragnar’s story received extra difficult, it shifted its focus to Ragnar’s sons – Bjorn Ironside, Ivar the Boneless, Ubbe, Hvitserk, and Sigurd – and their very own journeys, making them the protagonists.

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Vikings is presently on a midseason break and it is unclear when it’s going to come again. Within the meantime, it’s value having a look again on the characters which have formed the collection and the inspiration behind them. Vikings takes plenty of parts from Norse mythology, and the characters have even shared their devotion to them, however because it seems, the primary characters share some traits with a few Norse gods.

Ragnar – Odin

Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok legend

Odin is sort of current in Vikings in several methods: Ragnar (and Bjorn as nicely) was visited by ravens (implied to be Huginn and Muninn, Odin’s companions), Harbard is believed to be Odin in disguise, and Ragnar was mentioned to be a descendant of the Allfather. Whether or not he was a son of Odin or not, there are a lot of particulars that time at him being, not less than, a illustration of the Allfather, because the ravens adopted him round, he served as king for some time – as Odin was believed to have been an actual particular person, particularly a king, and solely turned a God when he died – and had many visions all through the collection. Odin is related to knowledge, therapeutic, loss of life, royalty, struggle, victory, and information, and is usually identified for having many sons, together with Thor and Baldr – Ragnar can be related to these issues (some in an even bigger capability than others, in fact) and although he didn’t have as many sons as Odin, 4 sons and one daughter are sufficient.

Floki – Loki or Heimdallr

Vikings Floki season 5

Floki is one in all Ragnar’s closest mates and a really expert shipbuilder, however he’s additionally a prankster and essentially the most eccentric of the group. That, alongside along with his title, have made many followers imagine he might both be a descendant of Loki, the god in disguise, or a illustration of him, which might be proper – to an extent, as he additionally shares some traits with one other Norse determine. His similarities with Loki transcend his eccentric character and his title being virtually the identical: following the homicide of Athelstan, Floki was imprisoned in a cave by Ragnar, very very like Loki within the Norse story “The Binding of Loki”, the place the god was imprisoned for his function within the loss of life of Baldr.

Nonetheless, many viewers have identified that Floki may be Heimdallr. Floki usually acts as a “gatekeeper” within the sense that he saves individuals from loss of life, and Heimdallr is a gatekeeper determine for Asgard. The god additionally had foresight, which many hyperlink to the Seer’s response to Floki: when Floki went to see him, the Seer licked Floki’s hand, as an alternative of Floki licking his, as everybody else did because it’s an indication of respect. Many Vikings followers imagine Floki will turn out to be the brand new Seer, which might positively match with the Norse god Heimdallr.

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Lagertha – Freya

Vikings Lagertha blood battle

There was some debate amongst viewers as to which Norse goddess Lagertha represents – Freya or Frigg – however wanting past her hyperlinks to Ragnar/Odin, Freya can be the one. This goddess is related to love, magnificence, and fertility, and was generally represented as a war-goddess. As such, she’s the chief of the valkyries, feminine figures who select those that could die in battle and people who could stay, and within the context of Vikings, the valkyries can be her military of shield-maidens. Freya is taken into account the female counterpart of Odin, and he or she receives half of those that die in battle, whereas the opposite half goes to Odin’s corridor, Valhalla. Throughout Lagertha’s funeral, she was proven becoming a member of Ragnar, supporting the concept that she represents Freya.

Björn – Baldr or Thor

Vikings Bjorn Ironside

Björn Ironside is the son of Ragnar and Lagertha (although in actuality, he’s mentioned to be the son of Ragnar and Aslaug), and he might signify two Norse gods: Baldr and Thor. Baldr (additionally referred to as Balder and Baldur), is the son of Odin and Frigg and brother of Thor. Baldr is understood for his braveness and honor, however his most memorable story is that of his loss of life. His mom had prophetic goals about it, and so she made each object on earth vow by no means to harm Baldr, they usually all agreed apart from one, which wasn’t even approached by Frigg: the mistletoe. Loki discovered about this and made a mistletoe spear, tricked Baldr’s blind twin brother Hödr into taking pictures it, and killed Baldr on the spot. His loss of life is paying homage to Björn’s, as he was attacked by his brother Ivar (although not his twin) and was almost definitely killed.

Björn additionally has some similarities to none aside from the god of thunder, Thor. The god is related to lightning, storms, power, and the safety of mankind, and was identified for his relentless slaughter of his foes and battles with the monstrous serpent Jörmungandr (who, by the best way, is Loki’s baby). Björn’s warrior aspect is extra becoming to the determine of Thor, however he additionally has plenty of Baldr in him. Whether or not these similarities between the characters from Vikings and Norse gods are intentional or not is unknown, however they’re enjoyable particulars that make the collection much more attention-grabbing.

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Arrow Supergirl

Arrow: The Character Melissa Benoist Originally Auditioned For

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Investors continue to watch omicron Covid variant



SINGAPORE — Shares in Japan looked set for a lower open on Monday as investors in Asia monitor developments surrounding the recently discovered omicron Covid variant.

The Nikkei futures contract in Chicago was at 28,365, against the Nikkei 225’s last close at 28,751.62.

Shares in Australia slipped in morning trade as the S&P/ASX 200 fell 0.89%.

Stock picks and investing trends from CNBC Pro:

Oil prices surge more than 2%

Oil prices were higher in the morning of Asia trading hours.

International benchmark Brent crude futures were up 2.9% to $74.83 per barrel. U.S. crude futures gained 3.54% to $70.56 per barrel. On Friday, oil saw its worst day of 2021 amid renewed Covid fears.

The U.S. dollar index, which tracks the greenback against a basket of its peers, was at 96.251 after a recent drop from above 96.4.The Japanese yen, widely seen as a safe-haven currency, traded at 113.74 per dollar after strengthening sharply late last week from above 114.8 against the greenback. The Australian dollar changed hands at $0.714, having dropped last week from above $0.725.

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Trump challenges media and Democrats to debate his electoral fraud lie | Donald Trump



Donald Trump has challenged leading editors and politicians to debate him in public over his lie that Joe Biden beat him in 2020 through electoral fraud.

In a typically rambling statement on Sunday, the former president complained about “the heads of the various papers [and] far left politicians” and said: “If anyone would like a public debate on the facts, not the fiction, please let me know. It will be a ratings bonanza for television!”

Despite Trump’s insistence that “the 2020 election was rigged and stolen” – and his well-known fixation on TV ratings – it was not.

Even William Barr, an attorney general widely seen as willing to run interference for Trump, publicly stated there was no evidence of widespread electoral fraud.

Biden beat Trump by more than 7m in the popular vote and by 306-232 in the electoral college, a result Trump called a landslide when he beat Hillary Clinton by it in 2016. Clinton also beat him in the popular vote.

Trump’s proposal of a public debate – which seemed unlikely to bear fruit – extended to what he called “members of the highly partisan unselect committee of Democrats who refuse to delve into what caused the 6 January protest”.

The attack on the US Capitol, Trump said, was caused by “the fake election results”.

In a way, he was right. It was his lies about the election which led to the deaths of five people around the attack on Congress by a mob seeking to stop certification of Biden’s win, some chanting that Trump’s vice-president, Mike Pence, should be hanged.

At a rally near the White House shortly before the riot, Trump told supporters to “fight like hell” in his cause. He was impeached for inciting an insurrection but acquitted when only seven GOP senators found him guilty, not enough to convict.

On Sunday, Adam Schiff, the Democratic chair of the House intelligence committee and a member of the 6 January panel, told CNN: “We tried to hold the former president accountable through impeachment. That’s the remedy that we have in Congress. We are now trying to expose the full facts of the former president’s misconduct as well as those around him.”

To adapt the Tennessee Republican Howard Baker’s famous question about Richard Nixon and Watergate, the House committee is focusing on what Trump knew about plans for protest and possible violence on 6 January – and when he knew it.

'Will you shut up, man?': Biden and Trump clash in first US presidential debate – video
‘Will you shut up, man?’: Biden and Trump clash in first US presidential debate – video

Numerous Trump aides and allies have been served with subpoenas. Most, like the former White House strategist Steve Bannon, who has pleaded not guilty to contempt of Congress in the first such case since 1983, have refused to cooperate.

Schiff said a decision on a possible contempt charge for Mark Meadows, Trump’s last White House chief of staff, would likely be made in the coming week.

It seems unlikely any senior figure in the US media or among Democrats in Congress or state governments will take up Trump’s challenge to debate him in public.

Observers including the former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who helped Trump prepare for his debates against Biden, agree that a near-berserk performance in the first such contest did significant damage to Trump’s chances of re-election.

At one point on a chaotic evening in Cleveland in September, Biden was so exasperated as to plead: “Would you shut up, man? This is so unpresidential.”

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Covid waste collection hit after KMC removes bins from streets | Kolkata News



Kolkata: Covid waste collection has come to a halt across the city with KMC removing streetside yellow bins that had been installed to dispose PPE kits, masks, gloves and other waste associated with Covid patients. The private agency that had been engaged by the civic body last year to clear this waste has also been compelled to stop the service after the bins were removed.
The decision to remove the bins amidst the pandemic has left households and neighbourhoods from where Covid cases are being reported in a fix. Several households with Covid patients are flouting the waste-handling norms and disposing Covid waste with their daily kitchen waste. But that is not possible in apartments with other residents objecting to this citing fears of infection during the door-to-door collection.
An octogenarian in Ballygunge and his wife had repeatedly urged the KMC for help in disposing their waste after they tested positive. “They told us we must engage private operators for bio-waste disposal. When we contacted a private operator, they asked for Rs 500 every time they would collect bio-waste till 1kg. For every kg more, they asked for Rs 50. But they also told us that bio-waste would only be masks and medicine disposables, not food and other household waste. We had little bio-waste, but took care to properly sanitise any food waste we put out during this time,” he said.
Civic authorities said the decision to stop the Covid waste collection was taken around August, months after the city emerged from the second wave. The reason, KMC officials said, was lack of use of the bins. “Widespread use of PPE kits during the first wave and them being dumped in the open around June-July 2020 had led to panic in the city. This led to the installation of yellow bins in September 2020. At the time, daily Covid waste comprising PPEs, gloves, masks, sanitary napkins, adult diapers and medicine foils across the 144 wards had touched 4 tonnes. But use of PPE declined sharply following the vaccination drive. After the second wave, hardly any Covid waste was dumped in the bins,” an official said.
With Covid cases inching up after the festive season, a section of KMC officials conceded the decision to stop collecting waste, at least from the Covid-sensitive areas, was perhaps hurried. “At a time when the city’s Covid graph is slowly rising, we should have kept the service alive in some neighbourhoods which have been reporting a spurt in Covid cases,” said an official.

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