Washington Department of Health to ditch Phase Finder as vaccine eligibility requirement


The Department of Health said it trusts most people will wait until they’re eligible to get the vaccine.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) will no longer require proof of vaccine eligibility with Phase Finder, according to a newsletter the department sent out Friday. 

Phase Finder is an online questionnaire patients were previously required to take to prove they were eligible for the shot.  

Now, those getting their vaccine won’t have to prove they’re eligible under the current phase to qualify. The DOH said they trust most people will continue to do the right thing and wait their turn. 

Removing Phase Finder as a requirement is intended to speed up the vaccination process and reduce barriers for those who wish to get vaccinated, the newsletter reads. The DOH said it sees the importance of getting as many vulnerable community members vaccinated as possible before vaccine eligibility expands to everyone 16 years and older on May 1. 

As of March 27, Washington is in Teir 2 of Phase 1B, which expanded vaccine eligibility to critical workers in certain congregate settings, such as grocery stores, transit and law enforcement. Anyone 16 or older who is pregnant is also eligible. 

On March 31, another two million in Washington will become eligible. Vaccine appointments will open for:

  • Anyone with two or more diseases or medical conditions
  • Anyone 60 and older
  • Anyone living in congregate settings (correctional facilities, group homes for those with disabilities, those experiencing homelessness, etc.)
  • Additional workers in congregate settings (restaurants, manufacturing, construction)


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