Watch Jemson’s hypnotic music video for ‘Lu Power’ featuring Noh Salleh


Malaysian rock duo Jemson have dropped a hypnotising video for their latest single ‘Lu Power’ featuring Hujan frontman Noh Salleh.

In the music video – which was directed by Motio Studio and released April 2 – the band jams in an animated mountainous landscape and in the presence of a monster. The clip is filled with trippy visual lighting effects, with Noh chiming in mid-way through the song to rap several lines.

‘Lu Power’, a slang expression to express admiration that loosely translates to ‘You’re Powerful’ in Malay, comes ahead of the band’s self-titled album that will be released this Friday (April 9). Find the full tracklist below.

Watch the video clip for ‘Lu Power’ here:

Jemson vocalist Myo told NME that ‘Lu Power’ takes a dig at musicians with inflated egos.

“‘Lu Power’ sounds like, ‘wow, you’re so powerful and shit’. But it’s also sarcasm towards the people in power and the narcissistic who enjoy being at the top,” he said.

“They always say ‘Lu Power’ when that’s not the case. It’s the same as the Malaysian habit of using the word ‘Legend’ in their comments. It’s not like their music goes anywhere, but then everyone is branded a ‘legend’.”

Myo said the collaboration with Noh Salleh came after he recently helped promote the latter’s Hikari Riders clothing line.

“When writing this song, I was helping Hikari Riders promote their new collections. I wouldn’t have expected small talk to become a reality. So this album is all about collaborations,” Myo said.

“Noh is really fit for this song. He’s bold and outspoken, smart and charismatic.”

Jemson consist of Myo (real name Mior Luqman Hakim, also the frontman for rock band Oh Chentaku), and guitarist Muhammad Najmi, who is formerly of the defunct metal group Against Infinity.

The band first emerged in 2019 with their debut EP ‘Balada Cinta Kosmos’ (‘Ballad of Cosmic Love’) which was released in conjunction with Cassette Store Day. The five-track EP included the singles ‘Pape Saja’ (‘Whatever’) featuring Hujan guitarist AG Coco, and ‘Lagu Paling Kecewa di Dalam Dunia’ (‘The Saddest Song in the World’).

In November 2019, Jemson opened for Japanese rock group Loudness in Kuala Lumpur, and in March this year, the band made an online appearance at Music Lane Festival Okinawa.

The tracklist for Jemson’s upcoming album is:

1. ‘Lu Power’ feat. Noh Salleh
2. ‘Antara Benua’ feat. Vinesh Trophy Knives
3. ‘Mula Semula’ feat. Naim Daniel
4. ‘Kau Jiwaku’ feat. Rudye Lyon
5. ‘XPDC’ feat. Izo XPDC
6. ‘Rock N’ Roll Sampai Mati’ feat. Areef Iskandar
7. ‘Sakit Hati’ feat. Raz Azraai
8. ‘Fan Boy’
9. ‘Pape Saje’ feat. AG Coco
10. ‘Lagu Paling Kecewa Dalam Dunia’ feat. Nazrin SOG
11. ‘Nostalgia’ feat. Sam Bunkface & Rudeen
12. ‘Maybe’ (TOP OF THE POP COVER)


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