WCSO: ‘Movie money’ or ‘prop currency’ being passed as cash | WJHL


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) – The Washington County Virginia Sheriff’s Office is warning the public that “movie money” or “prop currency” is being passed off as legitimate money.

In a post Sunday, the sheriff’s office said it’s unclear how many of the counterfeit bills are floating around and whether one or more suspects are involved.

“The bills look like real currency at first glance, but they’re printed with phrases like ‘In Props We Trust’ and ‘Motion Picture Use Only’ and other disclaimers about the bills being invalid legal tender,” the post said.

The sheriff’s office said if you come across the prop bills or other counterfeit currency to contact law enforcement immediately.

“The scammers often bundle, wrap, or crumple up the bills to obscure them from clear view, engage in a quick hand-off of the goods then flee the scene,” the post said. “By the time the seller realizes the bills are fake, the perpetrator is gone.”


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