Weight loss: Can liquid diets help you lose weight? Find out

Before following a liquid diet for weight loss, consult your physician or an expert. Do not make your decisions on the basis of what you hear, read and see.

Have a liquid meal replacement every few hours so as to control your cravings and satiate your hunger. However, do not continue if it takes a toll on your health.

Do not engage in high-calorie liquid intake, but try to stay hydrated all the time.

Try to replace certain meals with liquid diets and do not go all in. This will ensure that you don’t lack essential nutrients that you will only find in solid foods. Also, once you plan to get off a liquid diet, you won’t regain the weight immediately.

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  1. Hi Author,
    Thank you for posting such an insightful article. I am a fitness trainer myself and for weight loss which is sustainable nothing works better than a combination of strength training, calorie deficit, nutritious meal and a good sleep.
    Soumya B Hegde

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