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What to Watch: 14 Movies and Series to Stream This Week


Another day, another accolade for “Schitt’s Creek.” At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Sunday, the beloved series picked up a couple more awards—outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series and outstanding performance by a female actor in a comedy series (Catherine O’Hara). The Canadian comedy has also continued to rack up audiences. The most recent Nielsen chart (tracking the first week of March) showed viewers took in 493 million minutes of the series on Netflix .

Here’s what’s streaming this week (besides “Schitt’s Creek”):

New Release: ‘Them’

(Amazon Prime Video)

“Them,” a horror series out Friday on Prime Video, is about a Black family from North Carolina who moves to an all-white neighborhood in California in 1953 during the Great Migration. It’s also the story of a mother mourning the loss of her son, a father struggling with PTSD, a pair of girls adjusting to predominantly white schools and the survival of a marriage. On top of it all, creator Little Marvin wanted to make this horror story a proper one, complete with supernatural monsters and noises in the basement. Horror, he says, has a way of packaging difficult and complex topics in a way that creates “a sense of safety because you’re on a thrill ride.”

“I could have done a biopic about a family from the Great Migration,” he says. “I could’ve made a documentary about redlining. When I think of history as a house, that’s what I think of as coming through the front door of history, which is one way to tell the story. I wasn’t really interested in coming through the front door. I wanted to sneak around in the back of the history, break open a basement window and let myself down into the basement level of history, the id of the country, the most unspoken and kind of terrifying and taboo places that we’re almost afraid to roll around in.”