What to Watch: 16 Movies and TV Series to Stream This Week


More and more theaters are opening as audiences get more comfortable stepping outside their homes. For those who are decidedly stayin’ in, there is, of course, still plenty to watch. Here’s what’s new in the worlds of William Shatner, “The Mighty Ducks,” Sherlock Holmes and more:

New Release: ‘Senior Moment’

( Amazon , Apple TV, etc.)

Among the projects on William Shatner’s plate is a new movie, a hologram, and an autobiographical album that he says has put him in the “midst of the most creative period of my life.” Monday he turned 90.

“I’m excited,” says the former Captain James T. Kirk in an interview. “If I get tired, I think: Am I dying? I can’t die now, I’ve got too much work.”

In “Senior Moment,” a new romantic comedy out Friday in select theaters and available to rent on Amazon, Apple TV and other platforms, Mr. Shatner plays a dirty old man who pals around with Christopher Lloyd and falls for Jean Smart. Mr. Shatner’s Victor Martin is a retiree who faces a crossroads when his license is revoked for driving his beloved Porsche too fast, too recklessly, too many times. Mr. Shatner says it’s a character that not only he relates to, but he thinks everyone will at some point in their life.


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