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What’s Netflix Mod and why you should never use it



It is an understatement to say 2020 has been an unusual year. Thanks to Covid-19 a lot of people have spent entire months cooped up in their houses stuck with their spouses and children and unable to go to work. To preserve their sanity a lot of people turned to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showmax, iPlayer among many others.

Netflix is easily the chief beneficiary of the pandemic as it has added millions of subscribers more than any of the streaming services as a result. However, the pandemic brought with it another problem. A lot of people saw a massive reduction in their income due to lockdowns made in the wake of the pandemic. A lot of people were forced to prioritise their spending and that usually meant them not having money to pay for Netflix.

And along came Netflix Mod

For such people and a lot others who are cheap and just love free things, Netflix Mod was a godsend. For those not in the know, Netflix Mod is purportedly a modded (modified) Netflix apk file that you can install on your Android Device and be able to watch “free” TV Shows and Movies. Yes, you will not have to pay a cent.

If you are new to all this let me explain like you are five. While the majority of Android apps are free, there are quite a number that require you to pay in order to either download or use them. There are also other ad-supported apps out there that tend to be so riddled with ads as to be unusable unless you pay to have ads removed. These are usually premium apps. A workaround is modifying the apps and there are plenty of sites that offer modded apps as they are known.

Usually the modifying is done by a third party who is not in any way related to the original makers of the app. You will therefore not find any modded app in the official Playstore.

On the surface, Netflix Mod is one such app. Those who push the app claim that this is a modded version of Netflix that allows you to access Netflix’s service without paying anything. All you have to do is download the apk file and sideload it onto your Android device, open it and you will be presented with row upon row of Netflix goodies.

The app is so popular even among Zimbabweans. I have seen it being requested in various TV Show and Tech related WhatsApp and Telegram groups. People actually seem to believe this is indeed a Netflix Mod.

The trouble with mods

As already said, Zimbabweans love cheap and free things which is understandable given the state of our economy which spends inordinate amounts of time in the toilet. For decades we have been experts on using keygens and crackers downloaded from the internet and Mods are just the latest chapter in a long road we have been travelling on.

The trouble with mods is that they break the provenance chain. Not all the people who modify apks can be described as kind-hearted. In fact most of those that do are malevolent actors banking on the popularity of an app to spread their malware. Sideloading mods onto your device is asking for trouble.

Netflix Mod is not even a Netflix Mod

Those who use and love Netflix Mod might be surprised to learn something: Netflix Mod is not even a Netflix Mod at all. To be clear, modified versions of Netflix apks files do exist but these are usually made by people who want to use Netflix on devices that are not officially supported by the streaming giant.

Netflix does server side authentication and registration. This means that even if you tinker with their apk you will still need a valid Netflix account in order to be able to make use of their service. Modifying the apk only changes it on the device on which it is installed and does not change the fact that you will still have to log in on the server-side.

The Netflix Mod app that’s being passed around does not seem to require you to log in to anything but it allows you to watch shows and movies for free. How is it doing that? I did a little bit of digging to solve this mystery. Once you install the app onto your Android device there are clues:

  • As you are launching the app, a splash screen of what looks like a bee shows up on your screen for a split second
  • While the app definitely allows you to watch Netflix shows it does more than that. It allows you to watch Amazon Prime shows too. In fact it allows you to watch most popular shows no matter what Network they are from!

The mystery of the bee

I know for a fact that Netflix rarely carries shows from say Amazon Prime although they sometimes do joint ventures with Channel 4 and the BBC. Those ventures do not cover all shows nor do they include shows from say The CW, ABC and others. So that is the first oddity right there.

Then there is the bee. The moment I saw that bee, even though it appeared briefly I knew what it was instantly. I know that bee! It is the distinctive logo of an illegal but popular streaming called BeeTV. It is a pirate app and sure enough once I had the latest BeeTV app (for testing purposes only) installed on my device, I was able to confirm the resemblance.

Apart from the Netflix icon used by the app and a few string changes, the Netflix Mod app is just a modded version of the BeeTV apk with the ads functionality removed as part of the modding process. Netflix Mod is actually just the BeeTV app.

So how does it work?

The illegal BeeTV app works by hooking into several services. That familiar poster display you see showing movies and TV shows is courtesy of a service known as TheVDB. These guys provide an API that allows services like BeeTV, Plex, Jellfyfin and Emby to provide that Netflix like feel. Coincidentally, TheTVDB recently revamped their API and will require people who use the new API to pay about $12/year to use it. So expect your Netflix Mod app to crumble soon.

The actual playable files are obtained through a process called scrapping. There are a lot of pirate sites that illegally upload files to file-sharing sites such as Uptobox and share these links onto their sites in pursuit of ad-revenue. Scrappers are not different from Google’s own spiders, they go hunting looking for these links which are then sometimes cached on the BeeTV server.

When you click play onto an episode or movie, the BeeTV apk fetches these links and tests to see which ones are still working. Here is the ironic part, the Netflix Mod apk actually offers a subpar experience! You see, most file sharing sites require a subscription in order for users to be able to download/stream bigger files without buffering. The original BeeTV works around this problem by allowing people to use what are known as Debrid services. Something that the famed Netflix Mod app doesn’t have.

You will notice when you attempt to use the Netflix Mod app that you might be presented with several links to the same movie. The real Netflix never ever does that. Netflix handles all the link stuff behind the scenes. You tap on a movie or TV show and it plays with the quality of your stream depending on your device type and network speed. No fiddling with streams.

Why you shouldn’t use Netflix Mod

If it isn’t clear by now why you shouldn’t let us go through the closing arguments. Chief among the reasons why you shouldn’t ever use the modded Netflix apk is the fact that it’s not even what it claims to be. If someone lies about the App’s origins what else are they lying about? You can rest assured the app comes packed with some nasty goodies meant to fix those gullible enough to take the bait and install the app.

Then there is the fact that the app is plain illegal. There is nothing grey here. This is as black as they come. Apart from the illegal use of Netflix’s logo as an icon there is the buffet of TV shows and movies from various companies that are being illegally offered.

If all this doesn’t deter you here is something that should no matter which direction your moral compass points. The app offers a horrible subpar performance. Illegal as it is you would be better served by using the original non-modded app. Even better still, just use real Netflix.

In my experience, the best route for those who want to use Netflix is to team up with friends/family, get a Netflix Premium account which comes with UHD and allows you to stream from four devices at the same time. This means that it will cost you only about US $4.50 to get Netflix.

“How is this better than not paying?” you still ask. Well, the biggest benefit to using Netflix is the fact most of their video library has been heavily optimised to the extent that you will use much much less data when compared to a pirated file. There is also the fact that Netflix has world-wide peering arrangements with ISPs. Your popular movie might actually be cached at your ISP’s servers when compared to say, downloading it from file sharing sites.

If you are on a capped connection piracy might actually cost you more than just using Netflix. If you are on an unlimited connection you can save bandwidth and get a better experience.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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Days Gone Game Download for Android



Days Gone is an open-world survival horror and action-adventure video game developed by SIE Bend Studio. Moreover, this horror-adventure game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Unreal Engine 4 used for the development of this game. The game set in a post-apocalyptic Oregon held after a global pandemic. However, a former drifter Deacon St. John. seeks to survive with the help of his mate by staying in a shelter with resources like food, water, weapons, and booze.

Days Gone Android

App Version 1.0 BETA
Apk Size 112 MB
Publisher Sony
Supported Versions Android 4.1 and up
App Package
Content Rating PG13+

How to Install Days Gone on Android

  • Go to the apk website to download Days Gone APK.
  • Open Days Gone.apk either from the download folder on your Android Device.
  • Allow an unknown resource to be installed on your phone. However, you will get the launcher on your mobile phone and tap on it.
  • Complete the verification process and additional data download. Next, play the game on your mobile.


As I already said, the game sets in a post-apocalyptic environment and the main protagonist is Deacon St. John. The third-person view of the game is the player navigates an open-world setting. The player uses handguns, equipment with improvised weapons. Stealth is used to protect and defend against hostile humans and creatures.

The main player is to complete his objectives by using stealth mode or assault mode. The weather is dynamic like day-night cycle mode and also features slow by day. Fast by night with deep thrill chilling environment. John’s transportation is a motorcycle, and it is modified with several parts to enhance speed and durability.  As a player, you need to defend yourself against threats as it is a survival-horror game. Take care of your vehicle because you need to travel to different locations, clean the bandit camps, freak dens, and killing zombies.

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Game Features

The game featured a muddy and disturbed environment with zombies and firefighters, and the graphics are good, and the story is interesting with the necessary action. The game background music is good and apt to the environment. John’s character was well designed. Especially, his face features angry, sullen, and when it comes to his personal life. His wife has been divorced and claimed to be death.

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Days Gone PS4

Players can experience epic gameplay with additional features. They can play the game with their earned weapons, NERO boosters, skills, collectibles, and more. You can play NG+ on any mode like easy, normal, hard, and survival. Additionally, players can new trophies and new weapons from several modes.

Days Gone PC

Players begin a new journey on PC. They have two challenge modes Survival Mode and Challenge Mode. Players can play the main story, and also they can access new game content. In Survival, I and Survival II modes are difficult to play because enemies are harder. Indicators removed, and no fast travel and gameplay are highly tensed environment.  In Challenge mode, there are 12 different challenges available. The player needs to fight with zombies, freaks, and bike races as he needs to climb up the leaderboard. The player can earn credits to unlock bike skins and characters.

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Download Modern Critical Warfare action offline games 2018 APK 0.0.2j for Android



World of Warcraft Action Offline

The World of Warcraft is all set to release its newest epic, the Modern Critical Strikes package that promises to be an expansion pack for World of Warcraft, and one that many are expecting to be well worth the money spent on it. As always, Blizzard Entertainment will be releasing a new patch with this new game, and it will be essential to players to make sure they are up to date on this before downloading and installing the latest patch. Not only will the new game to add a number of new levels and additional content, it will also include brand new equipment for the characters in the game, as well as a brand new system for playing” PvE “and” PvP “online. Here are some of the details about the exciting new addition to World of Warcraft:

There are currently over a dozen World of Warcraft massively multiplayer online role-playing games available, but only one of them offers players the chance to truly enjoy the highly addictive action that is the staple of modern critical combat, with a number of unique settings and combat mechanics that are not found in other MMORPGs. STJ Games, Incorporated has developed a number of fantastic arcade style mobile games, and now they have decided to bring this excellent content to life on the Android platform. As with the other versions of the Modern Critical Strike series, users will find that the touch screen interface is easily navigable, and that Android users will really enjoy the various little details that have been added to this popular action-adventure game. A great deal of the fun comes from the new arcade style level design that Blizzard has used, and players will have a good amount of fun figuring out how to defeat the ever growing numbers of enemies that appear on screen.

This all adds up to an exciting prospect for avid World of Warcraft players around the world, and it looks as though the company is gearing up for a number of new releases, including perhaps the return of the Lich King. With the success of STJ games on consoles, it’s only a matter of time before the PC version becomes available. Of course, the success or failure of STJ depends on whether or not the player base continues to grow as rapidly as the developer hopes it will. As you might expect, the success of STJ depends very much on the user base, which would seem to indicate that there are a lot of people out there who play this game. Whether or not they can enjoy it on their PC is another matter entirely.

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How to download PUBG Mobile 1.6, android and iOS



PUBG Mobile 1.6: How to download PUBG Mobile 1.6 on your android and iOS, Download Link and Step by step guide
PUBG Mobile 1.6: How to download PUBG Mobile 1.6 on your android and iOS, Download Link and Step by step guide

PUBG Mobile 1.6: How to download PUBG Mobile 1.6 on your android and iOS, Download Link and Step by step guide – After the massive success of the PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update, Krafton has given PUBG Mobile players another reason to be excited. The much-awaited PUBGM 1.6 update is live for players globally with new maps, weapons, vehicles, and many other cool features. Players can download the game on their mobile devices from the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS). Sometimes users face the problem while downloading the game but don’t worry we have covered you. In this article, we have covered all steps to download the PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update APK and OBB file on your mobile.

PUBG Mobile 1.6: How to download PUBG Mobile 1.6 on your android and iOS, Download Link and Step by step guide

PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update: PUBG pros and enthusiasts alike can download the game and enjoy the new feature on their mobile. If you don’t have PUBG Mobile on your device and want to download it on your android device. Please head over to the Google Play Store to install the game on the device. If you having any problem with downloading the game from Google Play Store, we have got you covered. We bring the download link of PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update APK and OBB File from where you can download the game on your device.

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PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update APK and OBB file: Step by step guide to install

Latest APK Download Link– Download now

Latest OBB File Download Link- Download now

PUBG Mobile 1.6: How to download PUBG Mobile 1.6 on your android and iOS, Download Link and Step by step guide

PUBG Mobile 1.6 APK & OBB Global Version Download Link and Step by step guide?

Step 1: To begin the installation process, players need to download the APK file from the given link.

Step 2: After the download is complete, players need to enable the “Install from unknown source”. Ignore this step if done already.

Step 3: Locate & Install the downloaded APK file on your device

Step 4: After installation, open the game & download all the necessary resources. Once the process has complete players may restart the game & enjoy the all-new Titan theme at the battlegrounds.


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