WhatsApp reportedly working on chat migration feature between iOS and Android


WhatsApp is the most widely used encrypted chat app, with a userbase larger than the second most popular encrypted messenger Telegram. While Telegram has always boasted more features than WhatsApp, one major advantage has been the ability to use the app from multiple devices, including iOS and Android. While WhatsApp has been working on multi-device support for a while now, reports have emerged that it is working on another, related feature to complement it.

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According to a new report by noted leaker WABetaInfo, the development team working on the popular chat app is working on a feature to allow users to migrate their chats between iOS and Android devices. This could make switching between platforms extremely easy when it is released in the future. The ability to transfer chats could come in very handy and eliminate the need to use shady third-party apps which use “workarounds” to migrate some of your chats from iOS to Android and vice versa.

Here's what the chat transfer screen will reportedly look like.

Here’s what the chat transfer screen will reportedly look like. (WABetaInfo)

A screenshot of the feature, shared by WABetaInfo, shows a caricature of two phones near each other, one resembling an iPhone with a large notch and the other with a punch hole, similar to the Pixel 4a screen. The screenshot says the WhatsApp version needs to be updated in order to be able to perform the transfer, but it appears that will only work if users are part of the WhatsApp beta TestFlight program, which is currently full. 

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The report states that the company is working on the feature and that it could take a long while as a lot of code had to be rewritten so the service would be compatible with multiple devices. This feature has also been directly linked to the ability to use their desktop version without an internet connection on their smartphone, or true multi-device support. While there is no date set for this feature to be released, the report notes it is likely to be available along with the release of multi-device support.


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