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When ‘Mad Men’s’ Joan Holloway meets the modern office – The Marquee Blog


Martinis in the breakroom and smoking at your desk are no longer features of the modern workplace, but there is one old holdover, as Christina Hendricks coyly points out in a new “Funny or Die” video.

The actress slips into the form-fitting dresses of her ’60s-era character, Joan Holloway, to imagine what it would be like if Joan had to navigate today’s typical office.

Obviously, she’d be at a complete loss. (The one thing the Funny or Die clip doesn’t explain is how Joan would get hired in the first place.) She doesn’t know how to use the telephone, tries to use an eraser to fix typos in Word documents, and grosses out her coworkers with her Jell-o mold lunch.

But there’s one aspect of the contemporary workplace that Joan would find familiar: the lack of equal pay for men and women.

“I figure, if we’re going to run our businesses like it’s the 1960s,” she says, “I’m going to act like it.”

What do you think: Funny, or Die?

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