When magicpin got Vijay Raaz to troll CRED

  • People are still talking about Rahul Dravid and CRED‘s ad and magicpin has taken this opportunity to troll the much talked-about campaign.
  • Featuring actor Vijay Raaz, the film, a direct dig at CRED, telling people to come over the magicpin where people will get enough options of spending their reward points.

Rahul Dravid was the talk of Indira Nagar, and honestly, much of the country this past week, thanks to CRED’s latest ad where the ace cricketer is seen losing his mind while stuck in a traffic jam in Bengaluru. magicpin, an affiliate marketing platform has taken this opportunity, when people are still talking about CRED’s film, to spoof CRED, taking a dig at their reward points system.

magicpin’s insight behind the campaign was, ‘most CRED users have lakhs of points, but don’t seem to know how or where to use them’.

Talking about its own rewards program, the platform says that it a far wider range of options for its users to expend points. “magicpin follows a fairly simple and straightforward approach to how points are valued: 1 point is always equivalent to 1 rupee. This sounds like it should be an obvious idea, but isn’t as common as it ought to be. From a consumer insight POV, there is an instinctive equivalence between the points and real money, which increases the “delight” users feel every time they earn points. magicpin’s more than five million users — who have saved across categories — can attest to that,” reads a release from the brand.

The ad has made a brilliant use of Raaz and is sure to make you LOL. “ The ad contrasts Vijay’s down-to-earth, Hindi-speaking, plainspoken persona with the fancy tone and tenor of the Cred ad. With this ad, magicpin is positioning itself as the down-to-earth, “Asli Savings” option for everyone,” explains the brand.

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