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Who Is Joel Embiid’s Girlfriend?: Meet Anne de Paula



joel embiid girlfriend anne de paula

Even if you’re not a 76ers fan, it’s hard to not notice Joel Embiid on the basketball court! The 7-foot center dominates the court and is a regular on the All-Star team. But what about off the court? If you want to learn more about his Joel Embiid’s Brazilian model girlfriend, you’re in the right place!

Read on to learn more about the special lady in Embiid’s life, Anne de Paula.

Who Is Anne de Paula? 

Anne was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1995. She grew up in a favela in Rio and was very much a tomboy who excelled at soccer. From the ages of 8 to 13, she played soccer for her school but gave that up when she started modeling at age 13. 

anne de paula swimsuit
The Philadelphia 76ers center is in a serious relationship with model Anne de Paula.

She was reportedly reluctant to be in front of the camera. But after some encouragement from her mother, she grew comfortable with posing and being photographed. Before dating Embiid, Anne was reported to have dated Irish rock star Danny O’Donoghue for three years.

Anne has a large Instagram following and loves to post selfies and behind-the-scenes photos of her SI swimsuit photoshoots. She says that her guilty pleasures are Shake Shack and Pao de Queijo, which is Brazilian cheese bread. 

Modeling Career

Anne’s mom was approached by an agent and convinced her to do a photoshoot, even though she was reluctant to participate. Her mom finally convinced her to give it a shot, and the rest is history. 

When she was 22, she entered the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model search in 2017, where she posed in body paint. 

anne de paula swimsuit
Joel Embiid’s girlfriend, Anne de Paule, lays out in the sun in her swimsuit.

She won the fan vote, becoming a 2018 SI Swimsuit rookie. Since then, she has posed several more times in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and has been photographed with models like Kate Upton and Ashley Graham. 

One of her most memorable shoots was in Kenya where she was photographed just feet from a lion. She also identified the ability to visit a local village and get to know the locals in Kenya as a special part of that trip. 

Anne and Joel’s Relationship

Anne and Joel met in 2018 through a mutual friend. They were attending a dinner together in New York City, but didn’t even talk to each other much that night. Anne later admitted that she didn’t even know he was a basketball player. 

They didn’t start dating right away, but instead were friends first. They FaceTimed every day and bonded over their shared love of soccer, speaking French, and the desire to start a family someday. 

Anne traveled to Chins for the Sixers’ preseason games in 2018 and they were first seen in public in October 2018. She was also at their home opener in 2018. Finally, on Valentine’s Day 2019, Anne made their relationship Instagram official with a tribute to Joel on her Instagram account. T

Are Anne and Joel Married? 

Although they’ve been dating since 2018, Anne de Paula is still only Joel Embiid’s girlfriend. They have not yet gotten married.

There has been some fuel for rumors of their engagement, though, such as an Instagram post of the two in China where it appears she’s wearing a ring on her left hand. Internet sleuths say that it’s really on her right hand, as the camera is flipped around. 

The Sixers owner, Michael Rubin, also trolled them in 2019 with a photo of the two kissing after a game, with a caption of “congrats on your engagement!!!!!!”. Despite all of these rumors, Anne and Joel are not married. 

joel embiid girlfriend kiss
Joel Embiid and his girlfriend Anne de Paula share a kiss after a 76ers game.

They have done quite a bit of traveling over the past three years. That includes the aforementioned trip to China and a vacation in the Maldives. Anne also gave Joel a dog for his birthday. Sadly, the dog passed away in October 2020 after a freak elevator accident. 

In an interview with Maxim, Anne said that Embiid caught her attention by just being himself. She was also impressed by his love of soccer and speaking French. She said that a man’s smile, accent, and being gentle and polite is what turns her on the most. 

Baby Embiid

On September 17, 2020, Anne gave birth to her first child with Embiid, a baby boy named Arthur Elijah De Paula Embiid. He weighed 8.8 lbs. Joel shared photos of him and the newborn on Instagram with a caption that really emphasizes his desire for a big family:

“We are so blessed and fortunate to welcome our little boy in this family. First of 11 or more? Trying to convince her but I’m not winning so far. I’m just trying to build a soccer team but for real I’m so excited for the future and my life has a new meaning.

“Kudos to @annedepaula_ for being so strong and giving me the Greatest Gift our life can offer.”

So far, Anne and Joel have kept baby Arthur’s face under wraps, only posting photos where you can’t see his face, photos of his hands, or a photo where a sticker is covering his face.  

Are Wedding Bells in Their Future?

So, are there wedding bells in the future for Joel Embiid and his girlfriend, Anne De Paula? No one knows, but they seem pretty happy with their new baby and the Sixers’ successful season. 

joel embiid girlfriend anne de paula
There are plenty of photos of the Sixers big man and his girlfriend on Anne de Paula’s social media pages.

Anne is in the 2021 SW Swimsuit calendar. Unbeknownst to most people, however, she was nearly three months pregnant with baby Arthur at the time. Since then, she’s been enjoying being a mom, spending Mother’s Day with her own mother for the first time in two years, and cheering on Joel from the stands. 

Want marriage advice from NBA stars? Listen to what Dwayne Wade has to say.

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Telangana plans 100 percent vaccination by December end



Hyderabad: Authorities in Telangana are preparing a special action plan to achieve cent per cent Covid vaccination in the state by the end of current month.

The cabinet sub-committee formed to tackle the situation in view of new variant Omicron and to expedite vaccination has directed the district collectors to prepare the plans in their respective districts to ensure vaccination coverage of all eligible persons by the end of December.

The four-member panel headed by Health Minister T. Harish Rao has asked the departments of medical and health, municipal administration, education and panchayat raj to work with coordination to achieve the goal.

MS Education Academy

It has asked people not to get panicked over the new variant. It noted that rumours are leading to confusion among people and the only way to check this is to provide correct information to people. It was also decided to revive 24/7 command and control room centre.

The panel, which held its first meeting on Wednesday, has advised people to follow all Covid precautions and take the vaccines without fail.

It observed that Telangana is ahead of other states in vaccination and it should create history by reaching the goal of 100 percent by the month as desired by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

The officials have been directed to prepare action plans at ward, sub-division and mandal levels.

The ministers advised the health department to keep an eye on the misinformation being spread on social media and provide all the necessary information to the public through the media. The department officials were directed to make information available to people about the beds available in hospitals at the state and district levels.

Also, the officials were asked to take all necessary measures to check Covid in schools, colleges and hotels. They were directed to conduct vaccination camps in educational institutions and ensure 100 per cent vaccination of all teaching and non-teaching staff.

So far, around 90 percent of the 2.77 crore of targeted people in the state have taken the first dose while 45 percent have taken the second dose.

According to officials, nearly 25 lakh people did not take the second dose of vaccine despite completing the gap between doses.

Minister for Industry and Municipal Administration K. T. Rama Rao, Education Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy, chief secretary Somesh Kumar and other officials attended the meeting.

Meanwhile, Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan visited GMR Covid Care Center at Hyderabad International Airport.

Officials at the airport briefed about the preparations made in accordance with latest Covid-19 guidelines and rules for international passengers arriving from ‘at risk countries’ amid rising concerns of the new variant-Omicron.

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Titanfall 3 News: Release Date, Trailer, Split-Screen Multiplayer, Co-Op, Everything We Know



Titanfall 3 news has been scarce, even with fans clamoring for a sequel to the underappreciated Titanfall 2. We’ve gotten vague assurances that Respawn and its owner, EA, is committed to the franchise, but other than the fact that Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe, we don’t have much to go on. Here’s all the info we have on a Titanfall 3 release date, trailer, split-screen multiplayer, co-op, gameplay, and whether it’ll be a direct sequel to Titanfall 2 or not.

Titanfall 3 Release date

Respawn Entertainment has been hard at work on Apex Legends, but could they also be working on Titanfall 3?

Titanfall 2 was released in October of 2016 to positive reception from fans and critics alike. The game didn’t sell as well as EA’s other first-person shooter—Battlefield 1—which released just one week prior. Titanfall 2’s reception and dedicated fanbase, along with Respawn’s big-name founders, saw EA buy Respawn in November 2017. At the time EA and Respawn announced a new title in the Titanfall series, reiterated their Star Wars game was in development and mentioned a VR title.

Given how successful Apex Legends is, don’t expect Titanfall 3 anytime in 2021, although 2022 or 2023 could be a prime time for the title. Respawn stopped selling the original Titanfall on December 1, 2021, but the announcement gave some fans hope that the studio is hinting that a new game in the franchise is on its way.

Titanfall 3 Platforms

The first Titanfall game released exclusively for Microsoft platforms in 2014. The game was a huge success at the time, although it was limited in scope to a multiplayer-only affair. Titanfall 2 branched out to the PS4 when it released in 2016. That game also added a full single-player campaign.

Titanfall 3 will follow suit and be available across the PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is possible that EA and Respawn could bring Titanfall 3 to Switch, although EA’s support of the system has been less than stellar so far. While the Titanfall games have so far used a heavily modified version of Valve’s Source Engine, which dates back to 2004, the additions and modifications to the engine may be difficult to implement on the Switch.

There is also a possibility that Titanfall 3 will be a cross-generation title, seeing release on both current-gen (PS4 / Xbox One) and the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Titanfall 3 Trailer

When Respawn Entertainment does reveal Titanfall 3 to the world, it will use an in-engine trailer. The first teaser for Titanfall 2, for example, was an in-engine trailer showcasing improvements to rendering—and swords for titans. It featured voice-over work that teased that game’s single-player campaign. Titanfall 3 will likely see a similar teaser, followed by a single-player trailer, and then a multiplayer trailer. Titanfall 3 could see new game modes, like a battle royale mode, that could require its own trailer.

Titanfall 3 Gameplay

Titanfall 2’s fast-paced gameplay and unique use of giant robots called Titans set it above its contemporaries, and we’d love to see an evolution of this in the upcoming game. We don’t have any details on how closely Titanfall 3’s gameplay will follow Titanfall 2. However, given how ardently fans praised the most recent entry’s movement and gunplay we’d be surprised if the sequel didn’t stick pretty close to that formula.

Our wishlist for Titanfall 3 would be:

  • A longer campaign: Titanfall 2 blew past most its contemporaries with how engaging its single-player mode was. We loved the chemistry between Titan BT-7274 and Jack Cooper, and we’ve rarely seen a robot character give us so many feels.
  • A bigger look at the Titanfall universe: Titanfall is set in an exciting sci-fi setting, but we’ve barely got to see any of its potential. The original Titanfall didn’t have a single-player campaign and as good as Titanfall 2’s was, it was fairly short.

Titanfall 3 Multiplayer

Since split-screen multiplayer and couch co-op are largely ignored by studios these days, we’d love to see Titanfall 3 carve a niche of its own here. The relationship between a pilot and their Titan is a perfect set-up for some unique co-op gameplay. Imagine one player ground-pounding in traditional FPS gameplay, while the other uses a Titan as support.

As fun (and microtransaction free) as Titanfall 2’s multiplayer is, it could use more depth. We hope for the new game that Respawn develops the rank ladder and unlocks to a complexity that matches its peers. The gameplay is excellent, and having a deep unlock and rank system would create a product with a lot of longevity.

Is Titanfall 3 a Sequel to Titanfall 2?

The end of Titanfall 2 definitely lends itself to the possibility of more adventures with Jack Cooper and BT-7274. Since the story involved time travel, who knows where Titanfall 3 could go. We feel that since people reacted so well to Titanfall 2’s campaign that if the new game includes a single-player story that there’s almost no doubt, it’ll piggyback off Titanfall 2 as a prequel or sequel.

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‘I have had a stutter my whole life’: US President Joe Biden to young girl with stammer

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