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Wi-Fi feeling a little sluggish? Latest Google Home update lets you quantify per-device speeds


Google has spent the last year transitioning its smart home controls from dedicated software to its Home app, creating a central hub for most of its gadgets. This method isn’t always perfect — the app is cluttered as it is, and it’s getting more so by the day — but in general, having your robot vacuums, smart speakers, and Chromecasts all in one place feels very user-friendly. If you’re a Google Wifi or Nest Wifi user, a new speed test option makes it easy to check connections between devices.

Now available as part of Google Home 2.43, “Device Speed Test” should be familiar to anyone who previously used the dedicated Wifi app to control their network. While that service was delisted back in August, the feature had yet to make the jump to Home. Now that it’s live, you can check all of your device connections by selecting “W-Fi shortcut,” choosing a device from the “Devices menu,” and looking for your speed measurement under “Info.”

It’s a small addition, but it should make for a handy tool when determining if your mesh network is working in peak shape. After all, if your access points aren’t placed right, you might not be making the most of a wireless connection.

It’s not the only change made in the latest version of Home. Google is also laying the groundwork for an “ISP access preference,” as spotted by 9to5Google in an APK teardown. Once live, this feature would allow ISPs to manage your Wi-Fi network through Google Wifi or Nest Wifi routers. This addition revolves around troubleshooting, making remote router restarts, speed tests, and network changes possible. Unsurprisingly, you could revoke access from the ISP at any time.

To access Google’s device speed tests, you’ll need Home 2.43 on your phone. Grab it from the Play Store using the link below or download the latest APK from APK Mirror.

Google Home
Google Home

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