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Dhanteras is presumed to be a very auspicious day for the Hindus. It is the day when most of the people try to purchase gold and silver products. It is said to be a very holy thing. Even though if the price remains high, then people also try to buy gold and silver products within their budget. Many other rituals are followed on this day. People also perform Laxmi puja in their homes and shops. It is done with great pomp and show. As a whole, it is a very important day in the life of every Indian. To venerate the occasion of Dhanteras most people flock to the jewelry shop to buy either gold or silver ornaments or utensils. 

What can be the impact of a good wish?

It is seen in many situations that a good wish can do many things. If you want to celebrate this Dhanteras especially then you can go with Happy Dhanteras WishesThere are ample options before you. You can compose your message in various languages. It can also be written in regional languages. That is the best way by which you can wish or send greetings to your family members. 

Happy Dhanteras Wishes for Friends, Family, Lovers, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband to share on Dhantrayodashi 2019

Happy Dhanteras Wishes
Happy Dhanteras Wishes

All this has been possible due to the advent of modern tools. It has enabled more and more people to adopt these means for greeting on any special occasion. You can also use various types of software to make your wish or message more colorful and attractive at the same time. It is a great thing in the modern world.

Clean your homes, decorate with candles, make Rangolis and light up diyas as Goddess Lakshmi is about to come.
Happy Dhanteras 2019!!


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Happy Dhanteras Wishes to share on 25th October 2019

Happy Dhanteras 2019 Wishes

God’s blessing may come as a surprise
And how much you receive Depends on how much your Heart can beleive.
May U be blessed beyond What U expect..
“Subh Dhanteras 2019”


Diyas glow for hours, Sun glows for a day, but my wishes for you are going to glow forever.
Have a happy and blessed Dhanteras 2019!


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Happy Dhanteras 2019 Wishes for Friends & Family

Happy Dhanteras Wishes for Friends & Family

May this Dhanteras Celebrations endow
you with opulence and prosperity…
Happiness comes at your steps Wishing many bright future in your life.
Shubh Dhanteras 2019


May you also draw small footprints
With rice flour and vermilion powder
All over the house and keep the lamps
Burning all through the night,
To indicate Her long-awaited arrival..!

Wish You Happy Dhanteras to You & Your Family.


May your business always flourish and you defeat all evils in life. May Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber always keep you in their list of blessed ones.
Happy Dhanteras 2019!


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Happy Dhantrayodashi Wishes 2019

Happy Dhantrayodashi Wishes

May goddess Laxmi bless your business
To do well in spite of all odds like,
The enduring charms of gold and diamonds.
Happy & Prosperous Dhanteras 2019


Sun glows for a day, Candle for an hour,
Matchstick for a minute,
But a wish can glow days forever,
So here is my wish for
Glowing Dhanteras, Glowing life…!!

Have a Blessed Dhanteras 2019


Good health, loads of wealth, prosperity in abundance,
Are the things I am wishing for you on this Dhanteras 2019.


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Importance of Dhanteras and its wishes:

Happy Dhanteras Messages

It is seen that Dhanteras is a 5- day festival that is celebrated in every part of the world. People actively participate in this festival and tries to make it a memorable one in every aspect. You can also extend or exchange your wishes in this special day to the one who is far away from you. It is the day that helps you to brighten every corner of the house with beautiful diyas. 

May God Kuber Will Fulfill Your All Wishes Happy Dhanteras 2019


May the wealth of happiness,
riches of prosperity adore your home on this Dhanteras and always!


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As time passed people have introduced various techniques to celebrate this festival, but we should not forget the traditional method of celebration. It is always better and recognized. Dhanteras has a special significance. It is said that people worship God of death or Yamaraj on this special day. It is mainly done to protect the house from any type of evil thing.

May this Dhanteras Celebrations
endow you with opulence and prosperity Happiness
comes at your steps Wishing many
bright furture in your life..

May this Dhanters Light up new dreams,
Fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues,
Different perspectives, everything bright,
And beautiful and fill your days
With pleasant surprises and moments.

Wishing You Happy Dhanteras 2019


Dhanteras ka yeh tyohar,
Jeevan me laye khushiyan apaar,
Mata Laxmi viraje aapke dwaar,
aapki Sabhi kamna kare sweekar.
Happy Dhanvantari Trayodashi

Happy Dhantrayodashi Messages

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Happy Dhanteras Wishes for Lovers, Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Happy Dhanteras Wishes for Lovers, Boyfriend & Girlfriend

As very few days are left for this celebration, so we should all make plans to celebrate it in a better way. Let us beautifully celebrate this Diwali so that it will be remembered by everyone. You can first start by exchanging wishes and gifts. Your good wish can help others to celebrate this day beautifully. There may be many ups and downs in life but we should never lose our hope. Let the light of Diwali help us to eradicate and eliminate all the evils from life. 

May this Dhanteras Celebration Enbow you with prosperity!
Wishing you endless happiness!
Happy Dhanteras 2019


I pray to Lord Kuber to help you succeed in life, to give you strength to achieve all your goals, to bless you with prosperity and happiness. Happy Dhanteras 2019 to you my love.


“On the occasion of Dhanteras, I am sending my warm greetings to the one I love the most…. I pray for your success and happiness in this coming year.”


May our love flourish with the blessings of Almighty and together we enjoy new heights of achievements. Sending my best wishes on Dhanteras 2019 to my girlfriend.


On the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras 2019, I wish that you achieve all your goals and make all your dreams come true with the blessings of Almighty.


May all your hard work and dedication bring you success and prosperity. Wishing a very Happy Dhanteras 2019 to my dearest boyfriend.


I wish that our love prospers and our relationship grows stronger with the blessings of God. Wishing a very Happy Dhanteras full of love and success!!!


To my dearest boyfriend, I wish a very Happy Dhanteras. May you always work hard to achieve everything that you have ever dreamt of with the blessings of Almighty.

Happy Dhanteras Messages 2019

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Happy Dhanteras Wishes for Wife & Husband

Happy Dhanteras Wishes for Wife & Husband

I wish there are new opportunities that come your way. I wish there is happiness in each of the day. Wishing a very Happy Dhanteras 2019 to my loving wife.


To the most loving husband, I wish a very Happy Dhanteras 2019 to you. May this festival bring you prosperity and success in all your ventures.


Wishing you prosperity and good health on the occasion of Dhanteras 2019. May you always walk the path off success and touch new heights.


May your happiness and wealth multiply and all your problems and losses disappear from your life…. Wishing a very Happy Dhanteras 2019 to my pretty wife!!!


Happy dhanteras may this year
and the year’s to come bring lots of luck,
money and prosperity to you and your family….
Happy Dhanteras 2019


“To the love of my life, I wish a very Happy Dhanteras 2019. May our bond of love is always blessed by Almighty.”


I wish that all your threats transform into opportunities, all your sorrows transform into your smiles…. I wish you the magic of Lord Kuber. Happy Dhanteras 2019 dearest husband.


Wishing you good health, increasing wealth and lots of happiness on the occasion of Dhanteras…. Have a beautiful festive season my wife.


Happy Dhanteras 2019 to my dearest wife. May you are always blessed by Lord Dhanvantri and you have the best of the health for a wonderful life.


A very Happy Dhanteras 2019 to my husband. May you are double blessed with blessings of Lord Kuber and Lord Dhanvantri for a happy and successful life.


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Happy Dhanteras 2019 Wishes for Employees

Happy Dhanteras SMS

“Our employees make this organization one big family and on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras 2019 we wish our family the best of happiness and health.”


“Warm wishes on Dhanteras 2019 to all our employees and their families. May you all are showered with the choicest blessings of Lord Kuber and Lord Dhanvantri.”


“May this season of festivities and holidays fill your heart with eternal joy and happiness and leave you with a gift of success. Happy Dhanteras 2019 to our employees.”


“To all our employees, warm wishes on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras 2019 and Diwali 2019. May you find new opportunities and new paths to progress in your career.”


“May Lord Kuber is always there to bless you with lots of wealth and Lord Dhanvantri is there to bless you with the goodness of health. Happy Dhanteras 2019 to our employees.”


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Happy Dhanteras 2019 Messages for Business, Clients & Customers

Happy Dhanteras Quotes

“Wishing a very Happy Dhanteras 2019 to you. May the coming year bring along many new opportunities for you to grow your business.”


May this Dhanteras brighten your future with new hopes and dreams for a brighter future. Happy Dhanteras 2019.


May blessings of Maa Laxmi always shower on your and your business. Happy Dhanteras 2019


“With the blessings of Kuber, may your business grow and prosper with each passing day. Wishing you happiness and prosperity on the occasion of Dhanteras 2019.”


“Warm wishes on Dhanteras 2019 to you. May all your hard work show up wonderful results and make this year a successful one for your business.”


Adorn our lives else trite
With sparklers that motley skies
As soaring spirits of powder wander
Let us thank the heavenly might,
In this festive season of lights.

Happy Dhanteras 2019

Happy Dhanteras 2019 Quotes

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Tensions Rise As Russia Seems to Plot against Ukraine with Troops, Coup



By Jonny Lupsha, Current Events Writer

A crisis between Ukraine and Russia, which has loomed since 2014, continues to escalate. Two separate incidents—an escalation of Russian troops near Ukraine and a coup plot against Ukraine—came to light throughout November. How did these countries get here?

For several weeks in November, the United States, NATO, and Ukraine have reported an unusual spike in Russian troops near the Ukrainian border. Additionally, Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Friday that two Russians were caught on tape plotting to enroll Ukraine’s richest businessman, Rinat Akhmetov, in a coup to overthrow the Ukrainian government. The Kremlin has dismissed both claims.

Relations between Ukraine and Russia have diminished since 2014, when Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. In his video series A History of Eastern Europe, Dr. Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius, Lindsay Young Professor of History at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, explained the extraordinary lead-up to this event.

A Nation in Flux

According to Dr. Liulevicius, between world wars, Ukrainians found themselves divided by borders. Most lived in the Soviet Union, with others in Poland, Romania, and Czechoslovakia. The Soviet Union brought the Terror Famine, or Holodomor, to Ukraine in the 1930s, cracking down on its cultural leaders and bringing mass murders. Ukraine didn’t fully gain independence until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Unfortunately, its government got off to a rocky start. Corruption and an energy dependence on Russia didn’t help.

“Over time, disappointment with insider politics as usual produced a popular movement called the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004,” Dr. Liulevicius said.

Fueled by the political campaign of Viktor Yushchenko, who ran as an opposition candidate to the government, the Orange Revolution boiled over when Yushchenko was poisoned and nearly killed. The government returned fraudulent election results declaring his loss.

“One in every five Ukrainians went out in protest in the Orange Revolution, but there were contrasts; there was [a] divide between east and west,” Dr. Liulevicius said. “One in three people in the west protested, but fewer than one in 20 in the eastern part of the country.”

Part of this divide was because the western part of the country had been more recently “Sovietized” and could remember a past without the heavy influence of Russia. Their spirit of a solely-Ukrainian identity inspired them. However, little progress was made during Yushchenko’s time in office.

Russia Re-Enters the Picture

“In 2010, Viktor Yanukovych was elected president, with most of his support based in the eastern regions, and also with the support of Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin,” Dr. Liulevicius said. ” Yanukovych also jailed his opponent, Yulia Tymoshenko, a co-leader of the Orange Revolution and a former prime minister, accusing her of corruption in office.

“At the end of 2013, when Yanukovych bizarrely first negotiated and then refused to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union, again mass protests erupted in Kiev, Lviv, and other cities.”

The government tried to quell the protests, but by February 2014, Yanukovych believed his power was crumbling and he fled to Russia. Putin declared his ouster and the subsequent change of government illegitimate, while Russian media called the protesters neofascists and Nazis.

“Russian forces moved into Crimea,” Dr. Liulevicius said. However, Russia denied the unknown troops were Russian, refusing to take responsibility for them or the violence they exacted on those who opposed annexation.

“Russia then annexed Crimea officially, over international protests. Later, in March 2015, Putin proudly admitted openly what his government had earlier denied—that he had masterminded the annexation of Crimea from the start. It was not a spontaneous response to calls for help from locals, but a plan, and the annexation in fact had been ordered weeks before the referendum was staged under the watchful eyes of gunmen.”

Since then, Russia’s influence in and around Ukraine has only increased.

Edited by Angela Shoemaker, The Great Courses Daily

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Euphoria Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers For Zendaya's HBO Max Drama – Parade Magazine



Euphoria Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers For Zendaya’s HBO Max Drama  Parade Magazine

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Release Date



Fortnite’s biggest event and update to date probably came at the end of Fortnite Chapter 1, when the game began its second part. While seasonal updates come and go, Chapter 2 marked a massive change in how Fortnite played alongside its branding and even esports. Fortnite is currently wrapping up its 8th season of the second chapter.

While we haven’t quite hit ten seasons yet, it looks like Fortnite Chapter 3 release date is closer than thought. looks Aside from the narrowing timeline, there have been quite a few leaks and hints towards major changes coming to Epic’s flagship title.

This is what you need to know and what you can expect from the Chapter 3 release, both for the game and esports:

Fortnite Chapter 3

When Will Fortnite Chapter 3 Launch?

The length of Fortnite seasons and chapters can vary quite a. bit, but looking at past timing we can get a good sense for the Fortnite Chapter 3 release 3 date. It was the end of Season X when the original Fortnite jumped to Chapter 2, with a black hole event. However, a recent leak suggests it might actually be starting earlier.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is scheduled to end with a live event on December 5th. This event would normally transition from Season 8 to Season 9, but a leaker with a solid history in Fortnite thinks differently. The Fortnite Chapter 3 start date according to him would be December 6th or 7th, depending on how long the downtime is between seasons.

This would make Fortnite Chapter 2 only 8 seasons long, rather than the 10 that the original section got. However, Chapter 1 Season 1 and 2 were really more of an early stage for the game than full seasons as we know them today.  While Chapter 1 had more seasons, it did only last for 761 days. This cut off point would make Chapter 2 777 days long, since it has had lengthier seasons. Well, one longer seasons in general along with a couple that felt like they would never end.

As this is coming from a leaker, it should be taken with a grain of salt. However, it seems like even Epic are teasing December being the end of Chapter 2:

What to Expect in Fortnite Chapter 3

Fortnite seasons can make pretty big changes to the game’s loot pool, world, balance, and even the gameplay mechanics. However, the biggest change to date was the chapter crossover. What exactly can we expect with the Fortnite chapter 3 release date? These are some of the main things that are rumoured or expected:

  • Stylistic and Art Changes – Chapter 2 was quite a leap forward for Fortnite’s art style, we can probably expect further revisions.
  • Design Changes – Items and default skins will probably receive another overhaul with the new season.
  • Simplification of Bloated Mechanics– Season change is the perfect time to cut the fat, mechanics that are holdover from previously themed seasons that aren’t useful anymore will probably be going. Not to blame any single season for the weird holdover mechanics still in the game, but ‘Primal’ may have worn out its welcome.
  • POIs – Big POI changes are going to be a must for the season change.
  • Loot Pool – Major loot pool changes will be coming; this will likely consolidate what’s currently around.
  • Flying Animals – This is one thing that’s been heavily rumoured and talked about by those in the Fortnite community. Animals that can be flown have been rumoured for quite a bit.

Those are some of the changes we can probably expect at the Fortnite chapter 3 release date. Although, one major change is worth delving into with more depth:

Fortnite Chapter 3 Map

The map Is probably the single biggest and most important change coming with the new season. That’s unless you only play Fortnite to watch for the Default’s fashion choices. Fortnite is rare amongst Battle Royales in how it treats its map. Unlike Warzone, Apex, and PUBG, there’s no multiple maps going on here. Fortnite has one map at a time. No matter how much the community wanted to revisit Chapter 1, Epic have kept it locked in their vault. We can definitely expect a fresh one for Chapter 3. This new map will probably be a different shape, layout and with different POIs.

Rumours at the moment point part toward a large landmass with smaller themed islands around it. This is an interesting design, and has been mocked up as this based on the rumours:

We can expect to see brand new POIs on the new map alongside reimaginings of old ones. It might even herald the return of Tilted or Salty.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Competitive & Esports

The big changes to how Fortnite works are great fun for players and fans. However, seasonal changes could mean big things for esports too. Chapter 1 of Fortnite for esports was very much a testing ground. Even into its final seasons and the Fortnite World Cup, it seemed like Epic were still just throwing money at Fortnite and trying to figure out a format that worked. In Chapter 2, they found one.

This chapter has largely been defined by the FNCS. Partially down to the impact of Coronavirus, and partially to Epic’s way of doing things. Recently there have been a few events organized by partners with a more over-arching prize. Coming at the end of a Chapter, the Grand Royale now makes a lot of sense. With this ending, what can we expect from esports at the Fortnite Chapter 3 release date?

Epic aren’t likely to be throwing the FNCS format away any time soon, or the Cash Cups. This system allows players, both pro and aspiring, to play a truly open esports event. There is a low barrier to entry and we get the widest field possible. This has meant for some tense and exciting finals, but also a system that encourages new players to come into the game. However, there are some big things missing which Chapter 3 could deliver on:

Different Formats to Trios & Return to In-Person Events

For the high-level tournaments, Epic has been focusing almost exclusively on Trios. This is for good reason. However, it would be great to see the return of more flexible formats in higher ranked tournaments. At the least, Solo games are still hugely entertaining. The Fortnite World Cup’s Solo event ended up being one of the most important aspects. A FNCS Solo tournament has ran from time to time, more of these different formats would go a long way in Chapter 3.

The Fortnite World Cup hasn’t yet been topped in the game for stakes. Is Epic planning to bring this back after the Fortnite chapter 3 release date? They are definitely not planning anything until at least the second half of 2022. While this doesn’t rule anything out, we probably won’t see an event on that scale in 2022, but something like the Grand Royale in person could be a possibility. 2023 looks likely to be the return date for the World Cup, fans will have to wait a while to see that.

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