Women Dictatorship Rises In North Korea


The suspense around supreme leader Kim Jong-un’s health is all spread. With his disappearance, Kim Yo-Jong got the power of leadership. Current situations have drastically increased her powers for the next dictatorship. But Is North Korea Ready For a Woman Dictator.

North Korea’s tracker South Korea announced Kim Jong-un is alive and healthy. President Moon Jae-in confirmed that Kim Jong-un is in a resort located in the east of the capital. But the fact of his attendance on his grandfather’s ceremony proves these statements false.

Reports from Japanese media states, Kim Jong-un is in a vegetative state. A stage in which patients lost their memory due to surgeries reports the week.

Yet! The most discussed topic of the country is related to the next leader. No matter what, After his leadership, his sister Kim Yo Jung get’s on top to the frontrunner. According to¬† Bloomberg’s report, Kim Yo Jung was the youngest daughter of Kim Jong 2 born in 1987.

Women Dictatorship Rises In North Korea
Image source: express.co.uk

Both Kim Jong-un and Kim You Jung completed their education in Switzerland together. After her return to North Korea in 2002, she spent aiding her father and in 2011 when he was expired she became the close associate to Kim Jong-un leadership.

Since the past three to fours years she is been actively participating in all the events related to their worker’s party and international affairs of the country. This makes her be the next strong contender to supreme leadership.

Buzz is out that she won’t accept this post due to patriarchal society. Kim Jong-Chul has no expertise in leadership and politics compared to Kim Yo Un. Another person expected to be in the leadership list after Kim Jong-un is Kim Han Sol. Apart from these people, a 10-year-old elder son of Kim Jong-un might be supposed to be in the list.

Afterall the South Korean media reports claim Kim is completely healthy.


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