WWE Fastlane: ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt returns with terrifying new horror movie look

‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt returned to WWE at Sunday’s Fastlane PPV with a shocking new look. 

We haven’t seen the character for over three months, since he was ‘burned alive’ by Randy Orton at TLC back in December 2020.

While The Fiend’s return has been teased for many weeks, with Alexa Bliss constantly taunting The Viper on RAW, he remained off TV until Sunday night. 

It’s fair to say the WWE Universe weren’t ready for the demonic figure that made his comeback at Fastlane. 

Check out some images of Wyatt’s return: 

The Fiend made his long-awaited comeback
The Fiend returned at Fastlane

Before Orton and Bliss could even begin their intergender match, The Viper began spewing more black liquid (as we have seen before on RAW) while making his entrance. 

Orton was seen spewing black liquid again

Still, he got back into the ring and demanded Alexa come out to the ring. She appeared after a few moments and the match began, with Bliss dodging Orton’s attack before rolling out of the ring. 

As The Viper stalked his opponent, lighting fixtures fell from the ceiling of the ThunderDome, nearly wiping him out. 

Bliss then got back into the ring and continued to taunt Orton and that’s when The Fiend’s hand appeared from below the ring, grabbing his leg. 

Orton was grabbed by The Fiend from below the ring

With Orton stunned, Alexa pushed him into The Fiend’s path and one Sister Abigail was enough to end the bout. 

Wow. Talk about terrifying. Well done, WWE!

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