The Master Mind In Putting INDIAN COVID-19 Data Online


New Delhi | New York | CoVID 19: Meet “Jeremy Philemon” the person who bought Indian CoVID19 Data Realtime Platform @””. We all have might use this platform at least once since the rise of this corona pandemic.

  • Covid19india Website Is Created By Indian Based American Student

While the entire world is getting infected with the corona pandemic an American based Indian student had founded a real-time tracking portal for COVID19. Jeremy Filamin an Indian American student started this portal which hits millions of visits in real-time.

This portal helps millions of Indians to track the status of infection at their neighboring native places. All the data is updated with the data released by the official state pres buero.

Meet The Creative Mind Behind


  • Features like realtime analytics, tracking, and other integrations made the pandemic track easier in India.
  • Since the date of creation to date, hit 1.75 billion visits/page views.


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