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Use Popular Youtube Hashtags For Views


Use youtube hashtags to get more views on youtube videos. It has been officially declared by youtube that using hashtags will improve the search appearance of a youtube video. This is the new trend in youtube SEO which makes your videos easily discoverable on the platform.

There were the days in which a plethora of creators used to mine the best tags for their youtube videos. But now “#” Hashtags are given importance to rank higher in the search results. Tough the traditional SEO practices are still followed, a new algorithm rises every year to discover the best content and suggest it to the people who are in need.

A popular youtube hashtag can make your video go viral. Almost every social network out there on the internet uses HASHTAG to discover the best content. Twitter is one of the main platforms which is known for realtime hashtag trends.

What Is A Hashtag?

Use Popular Youtube Hashtags For Views

Search engine optimization is a game of keywords. The hashtag is another sub-level of it. In this game of search engine optimization, we all know the precious value of tags. Which makes web crawlers aware of what content is posted on a webpage.

In the same path, a youtube hashtag is the keywords which are tagged or made using the Hash Symbol “#”. The keyword which you want to youtube hashtag must be used with a # symbol in the first similar to this -> #Keyword. You have to replace the term “Keyword” with the tag you want to use.

What Is The Difference Between TAG & HASHTAG

A tag can offer to edit a complete sentence including space. On the other side, a HASHTAG is restricted to words. If you want to connect two or more words then you have to use underscore(_) or connect them directly similar to this (#HASH_TAG or #HashtagForYoutube).

A plethora of recommendation algorithms have been made for the hashtag feature. The most viral videos of a hashtag and the most recent videos are being shown on the page of a particular hashtag’s page.

The best feature of a hashtag is that users can follow it. This means that you can follow a specific term and check creators who are bringing the best content on a particular tag.

How Can A Creator Use Hashtag On Youtube?

A creator has to use hashtags within their youtube videos. All the videos you make for youtube are hashtag supportive, all you need to do before is to check how viral is the particular hashtag. Just search the hashtag and check how many videos are uploaded in it. If the count is more, then it means that you have to work on it.

Use Popular Youtube Hashtags For Views
Use Popular Youtube Hashtags For Views

A creator can use youtube hashtag in two major parts. On the title and as well as in the description part of the video. The recommended is two in title and 3-5 in the video description.

One of the best-suggested technique is to use 3 hashtags in the description itself. On the title use the focussed keyword which you had mined for SEO. This way your youtube hashtags appear on the top of the video title make your video presentation appear crafty.

Officially youtube recommends 15 descriptive hashtags. But only 3 hashtags appear above the title of your video. So make sure to use the least possible #hashtags and let them appear. This was all about ‘Youtube Hashtags For Views‘. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below. Also, do share this post on your social walls and help others know how a hashtag can benefit their youtube video in gaining more views.

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