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Youtube Video Optimization To Get MORE VIEWS


Youtube video Optimization is the best method to get more views to a youtube video. Proper optimization technique makes your channel gain more subscribers. Which in result get you more audience who seek interest to watch your latest videos.

Youtube is now the place of millions of creators. A billion searches are being made on youtube search bar every day. If your video do not appear in the top of the search results then there is now way of getting organic views.

Posting videos to the platform is too easy than optimizing. Youtubers who get millions of views to their latest video also research on optimization. So the final conclusion is that either you be beginner youtuber or an expert, Optimization plays a key role in bringing more views to your videos.

How To Do Youtube Video Optimization & Get More Views

A proper research is the 50% key in optimization. The best practise you follow, the higher the chances are your videos go viral. Research is made before creating topic to your next youtube video and after posting it to the platform to get more views.

Research Before TOPIC Creation must equal to Research After Posting the video.

A single optimization strategy of your own research wont work for all the videos you post on your youtube channel. Yes! Each and every video you post on your channel needs to be optimized in its own path.

This is because your youtube channel is based on a single niche but the content you post is on diversified topics. Each and every topic needs to attract the viewer and engage them to click, watch and share his/her impressions on that topic related to the niche.

YouTube Optimization Tips Before Creating a Video

A youtuber needs to spend his valuable time on researching about the next topic. The topic choosen needs to help people by providing valuable information and on the same path should get viral on the platform.

There are some traditional SEO strategies like keyword research, Volume of the keywords, Its competition and other factors which you have to work on. Check our guide on Youtube SEO Optimization which share all the information related to Youtube SEO. With these traditional practices below are a few youtube optimization tips as per my own research.

#1 Either Follow or Create A Trend

Following the trend is by copying style, topics and content of other youtuber out there and recreating it on your own style. Which means that a beginner grasps others ideas and present it on his/her channel.

A few youtubers follow Google Trend to research on the trending topics and grab content ideas. These trendy topics from google makes tubers make viral content of their niche.

On the other side youtube is the place of its own news. People talk, review viral content and make videos on those viral keywords.

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#2 Make More TOPICS Not Videos

We all know that posting more videos to youtube on daily basis brings more views. But this wont works untill you bring fresh topics. Talk or create videos on more fresh topic and include fresh content.

Read more about the topic and research indepth to find more information about it. Then proceed to make videos on it. This way you can bring fresh content and attract the audience of your channel.

#3 Thumbnail Speak Clicks

There were the days gone where ClickBait was completely against youtube’s policies. As the basic rule was to make the content to be shown in the video. Which means that the thumbnail you made for a video needs to speak the content relatefully.

Now the days are more creative. Viewers simply forgot the term title. All they do is simply read the contents on the thumbnail and decide to watch the video or not.

In a most recent study it was found that a viewer spends only 3 seconds of his eye contact and decide to watch the video or not. Which means that a creator needs to share/create thumbnails which grab viewers attentions.

YouTube Optimization Tips After Creating a Video

Now that you are done with creating and uploading a video to youtube following those traditional seo practises. Now its time to use some recent marketing strategies to gain more views and give it a push to rank on the desired keyword. As we know that there is a tight competition but you being a creator always keep in mind that there is a desire set of audience which is eagerly waiting to follow your content.

#4 Collaborate To Promote Content Not Channel

This is the basic thing which got into my notice after watching an authors promotional interview of her latest release. Thereby i got to link this up with the traditional youtube collaborations. and meanwhile there are a plethora top youtubers who were found doing this.

People like unboxers collaborate with their competitors or alternative channels and unbox a specific gadget. This makes the viewers aware of the alternative youtubers of same category and make them follow those creators.

#5 Throw Money

Yes, You have to throw money for digital promotions.

Use facebook, adwords and other sort of digital marketing agencies to promote your youtube channel. This way you can make people aware of your channel and increase its visibility. This decade is the decade of marketing. Once after this trend end no one can predict what will be the future of promoting something on the internet.

YouTube Frequently Asked Questions

How do i increase views on youtube?

Posting well optimized videos on a regular basis is the proved key to gain more views on youtube. The best thing to do is to plan a schedule and work on it planning future.

What is the best YouTube optimization software?

There are a ton of Chrome Extensions which help you optimize your youtube channel and its videos. Companies like VidIQ, TubeBuddy, Freedom etc are few popular among them.

What are some tips on YouTube channel optimization?

The best method to optimize is to know how viewers react to your videos. Transform yourself into a viewer and check the way how you click, watch and engage on your own youtube channel videos. Suggest yourself the ways and places where you need to craft your skills on.