Yuvarathnaa: Puneeth Rajkumar reacts to the Mysuru fan incident with an emotional tweet | Kannada Movie News

The release of ‘Yuvarathnaa‘ has turned out to be quite a momentous event. For the makers, it has been a crusade, more or less, to ensure that the film evades all the Covid-19 woes and manages a decent run at the box office. For the fans, on the other hand, the film’s release has been nothing less than a grand occasion as they continue thronging the cinema halls. And in this regard, it seems that almost every single fan has a unique and emotional story to share about their experience watching the film on the big screen.

However, the recent incident that occurred in Mysuru seems to have affected Puneeth Rajkumar quite a bit. For those uninitiated, the small incident concerns Harikrishnan, a young boy from Mysuru, who unfortunately passed away in a swimming accident about three months ago. Harikrishnan was a huge Puneeth Rajkumar fan and had expressed a strong desire to watch ‘Yuvarathnaa’, and his favorite superstar, on the big screen. And now, after the film released in theatres on April 1st, Harikrishnan’s family decided on honoring his wish and carried a large photograph of his to a cinema hall in Mysuru. The pictures of the family watching the film along with the boy’s photograph have now gone viral on social media.

Deeply moved by the gesture, and also saddened by the news of the young fan’s untimely passing, Puneeth Rajkumar shared an emotional message on Twitter earlier today. “I am deeply overwhelmed at the sight of Mr. Diwakar (the boy’s father) and his family watching ‘Yuvarathnaa’ along with the photograph of their late son, Harikrishnan. I wish that the boy’s soul rests in peace,” wrote Puneeth Rajkumar in his tweet.

Despite its many troubles, it seems that ‘Yuvarathnaa’ has already managed to become an emotional experience for many fans who had been keenly awaiting the release of the film. The film’s subject matter revolves around campus life and the education system and its many merits have thoroughly impressed audiences of all ages. ‘Yuvarathnaa’ has been a definite success so far but it would be interesting to see how the film fares once the 50% occupancy rule comes back in effect from the 7th of April. The makers have had to fight a tough battle to get the state govt. change its decision regarding occupancy rates and as a result, have now managed to buy some extra time for themselves. More news to follow.


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