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Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas reunites cast Dec. 1 on Roku Channel



Might we see “Zoey’s Extraordinary Valentine’s Day”?

Never say never.

After the NBC musical television series “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” was canceled after two seasons, a massive appeal by fans of the dramedy, which plays out people’s innermost feelings through song via the powers of its title character, was followed by the announcement from Roku that it would reunite the cast for a holiday film.

“Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas” debuts on the Roku Channel on Dec. 1.

Andrew Leeds and Alice Lee in "Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas," debuting on the Roku Channel on Dec. 1

“I don’t know that the movie is meant to end the series,” said Andrew Leeds, who plays David Clarke, Zoey’s brother. “(Audiences) will feel a sense of closure with regards to the movie. But I don’t think that they’ll feel, ‘Oh, this is it.’ And hopefully it’s not. It won’t feel like a series finale.”

So what will it feel like?

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Well, for starters, Leeds gives an answer that is sure to please any musical theater fan: “First of all, Bernadette Peters is there, which is so fun. She’s so great. So lovely.”

Mary Steenburgen, Jane Levy and guest star Bernadette Peters in "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist."

The holiday film itself has “a lot of good sentiment in it, and a lot of warmth and a lot of joy,” Leeds said. “There’s some really beautiful moments, and Peter Gallagher was back — which was great because he wasn’t there for most of the second season.”

The movie also reunites cast members Jane Levy (as Zoey), Skylar Astin, Mary Steenburgen, Alex Newell, John Clarence Stewart, Alice Lee and many others.

There are some “really great” musical numbers, Leeds said, particularly a group production that he calls “really special and really beautiful.”

Andrew Leeds plays David Clarke, Zoey's brother, on "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist."

Getting back together with the cast was like a high school reunion, Leeds said, as well as a chance to reflect.

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“We didn’t say goodbye last year because we thought we would probably be back,” he said, with the cancellation taking many by surprise.

The cast was blown away by the support shown to the show after its cancellation, Leeds said. People have walked up to him on the street to share their love for it, he said.

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Dead Space Remake: Release date, trailer, gameplay, PC requirements



Fans have begged and begged for the Dead Space franchise to come back to life, and EA has finally decided to listen (only because there’s a boat-load of money to be had), but regardless, the Dead Space Remake is real.

There hasn’t been a lot revealed about the Dead Space Remake, but we have at least one trailer so far and a potential release date as well as some story and gameplay details. Are you ready to head back to the USG Ishimura?

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Release Date, Discussion and Read Online




The final arc of Fire Force is here now. The overall series is kinda overkill but that doesn’t imply that the creator Atsushi Okubo is gonna do it in an easy way now. After the brain-shaking ending of the last chapter, the fans are having some hope now as one of their favorite guys is back now. But we’re not sure that if that character is actually breathing or he’s in any other form. Here is everything to know about Fire Force Chapter 293.

Recap of Previous Chapter

Before we start talking about the upcoming Fire Force Chapter 293, let’s have a quick peek into the previous chapter. As we have witnessed in the previous chapter, Shinra gets engulfed in his anger and rushes towards Haumea despite the fact that he can’t even touch her. Shinra tries to attack her more and more he fails when he already knows that his attacks won’t hit her. His angry attacks are only making things worst that he doesn’t know yet.

Here on the Earth, the show presents that despair begins to succumb the whole planet, and the last light of hope Captain Obi is now dead. As a result, Shinra goes berserk (devil mode) but people of earth got nothing left other than despair, and thanks to that the catalyst starts working and our favorite characters turn into ashes in the flame of catalyst.

After that Shinra pauses his attack for a moment and looks at the earth. There he sees his companions are dying and as a result, he also loses all of his hopes and surrenders to despair. That fuels the catalyst to the extent that it now covers the whole planet. Earth is now nothing but a black flame ball.

As Chapter 292 has already been out a few days back, here’s what we know about Fire Force Chapter 293 and what you should know about it.

Spoilers for Chapter 293

Since the fight started between Shinra and Haumea, after a while we can witness Arthur is conversing with his sword Excalibur. Well… the sword can speak. Because of this, it is currently unclear whether Arthur is breathing or not. Although some say Arthur’s soul now lives in Excalibur, his sword. What looks like Arthur in the next chapter, although his mortal body is destroyed Arthur’s soul keeps fighting. Please do remember that this is not public and not guaranteed, but rather what we are considering based on the threads we have seen so far and the few fan versions currently available.

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When and Where to Read?

If everything goes as per schedule, Fire Force Chapter 293 is set to air publicly in Japan on 28th November 2021. The cleaners and translators who do the translation for every chapter of Fire Force (Black Cat Scanlations) are currently down. So due to this reason, we cannot say for sure when will the English-translated manga chapters will be available.

as Viz doesn’t do the English release of this manga, there is no official website that publishes the manga. Besides that, you can always use the website of Black Cat or use the tachiyomi app to read the upcoming as well as the previous chapters.

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Matilda Kullu, ASHA warrior from Odisha who fought Covid, superstition to enter Forbes Power list- The New Indian Express



Express News Service

ROURKELA:  It was yet another busy day for Sundargarh-based ASHA worker Matilda Kullu who was ignorant of the fact that she has made it to the Forbes India’s W-Power 2021 list for her work during the Covid-19 outbreak in Odisha.

Oblivious of the media attention, the 45-year-old ASHA worker spent the Saturday attending a vaccination programme, sector meeting, doorstep health checkup of newborns and other routine works. Donning the roles of a health worker, counsellor and motivator for Gargadbahal and villages nearby under Bargaon block of Sundargarh district since 2005, Matilda has stood by one and all during the difficult times of Covid-19 to save precious lives.

For her dedication and achievement, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik congratulated the ASHA worker. “I congratulate Matilda Kullu, ASHA worker from Bargaon tehsil of Sundargarh district on being named in Forbes India W-Power 2021 list. She represents thousands of dedicated Covid Warriors who are at the forefront to save precious lives”, he tweeted.

She has also been felicitated by the local administration for her exemplary services in the fight against Covid-19.  Even after being infected with the coronavirus during the second wave, Matilda resumed her duties after a fortnight and did not hesitate to work for additional hours.

“When the country shut down after the Covid outbreak and people remained indoors, it became our duty to take people with symptoms for Covid test, ensure that they take medicines and isolate themselves. Our primary responsibility now is to vaccinate all”, she says. At a time when villagers resorted to traditional cures including sorcery and black magic, Matilda and her likes took upon themselves to make people understand the importance of medical care and succeeded.  “It was only possible through several years of awareness camps about the ills of black magic. People are less superstitious now but it will take some years more to root out the practice”, she says.

Apart from creating awareness among villagers on health services, her duties include medical care for pregnant women and nursing mothers, antenatal/postnatal check-ups, immunisation, sanitisation, promoting hygiene, administering polio and other vaccines, conducting surveys and so on. Although the monthly Rs 6,000 incentive does not suffice in meeting her family’s basic needs, this has never discouraged her from carrying out her responsibilities towards people at the grassroots.  Sundargarh chief district medical officer Dr SK Mishra said ASHAs are the backbone of rural healthcare and Matilda is an inspiration for all of them.

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